Factor M laser platform

Factor M laser platform 810+755+1064+Q Switch + IPL platform

All in one!

Application platform

Combined technologies of Nd Yag Laser long pulse, Fractional Laser Er Yag, LP 810nm, 755nm, 1064nm, IPL (Intensive Pulse Light) and RF (radio frequency)  (optional).

Wide range variety of treatments due to super long pulses for all skin types. You can choose from different wave lengths and different pulse widths for almost all laser treatments for face and body and for all skin ptototypes. Safe and effective.


  • Very precise
  • Up to 20mm depth according to hand piece pulse width and energy.


  • Safe
  • Fast
  • Immediate results


  • Photo depilation
  • Photo rejuvenation/tightening
  • Vascular lesions
  • Hyper Pigmentation
  • Acne treatments
  • Skin Tightening
  • Fractional ablative resurfacing
  • Fractional non ablative resurfacing
  • Skin lesions total removal
  • Laser Depilation
  • Melasma
  • PDT therapy


  • 625 ÷ 1.200 nm for epilation (standard)
  • 570 ÷ 1.200 nm for epilation and photorejuvenation (optional)
  • 550 ÷ 1.200 nm for vascular treatments (optional)
  • 510 ÷ 1.200 nm for pigmented treatments (optional)
  • 400 ÷ 1.200 nm for acne treatments (optional)

Beam dimension: 4 x 8 mm2

Maximum fluence: 30 J/cm2   / 40 J/cm2  

Pulse duration: variable from 2 ms to 40 ms


For all fractional and non-fractional treatments

Fractional Laser Er Yag

Er yag Fractional Laser treatment is the latest state-of-the-art cold skin rejuvenation method in today’s Aesthetic Medicine market. It is the best way to effectively reduce the signs of facial skin aging, restore its tightness,  restore even skin tone and skin damage with the most impressive, effective and safe outcome.

The min-invasive laser skin resurfacing procedure with Er Yag Fractional Laser scans the surface of the patient’s skin with thousands of tiny, but intense energy micro-beams. These laser beams of heat precisely increase cellular ATP.

The best min-invasive slow down the aging signs and their effects. Owing to the revolutionary Er Yag Fractional Laser resurfacing treatment, it is possible to say that you can turn back the clock on aging and look as young as you feel.

Fractional Er Yag Laser | Areas of application

An Er Yag Fractional Laser procedure is most commonly used on:

  • Face – Area around the eye
  • Neck – Chest
  • Hands & Arms
  • Back
  • Acne Scars
  • Stretch marks


  • Fractional rejuvenation
  • Face laser peeling
  • Aging spot

Fractional Laser Er Yag | Results

When combined with autologous growth factors, Er Yag Fractional results are even more obvious with less sessions. In most cases, Er Yag Fractional Laser resurfacing procedure takes approximately 2-3 sessions to complete.


Hand pieces 755 or 808 or 1064nm laser for effective hair removal with skin sapphire cooling -2oC.

Complete solution for a permanent hair removal.

Choose your wavelength 755, 808 or 1064nm according to phototype, hair density and color.


Wavelength, nm808755
Spot size, mm13X3013X3013X30
Max fluence120/cm2120/cm2120/cm2
Max pulse length400ms400ms400ms
Optical power, W Peak360036003600
Max pulse repetition rate Hz101010

Q-Switch hand Pieces

Q-Switch Nd: YAG/KTP laser handpieces Available

Laser Platform Specifications

Screen: TFT color touch screen
Handpiece IPL: Spot Size 40×8 mm2
Handpiece Nd Yag Long Pulse: 2-10mm
Handpiece Er Yag: 8mm
Handpiece  Er Glass: 8mm

Handpiece LP 755: 13X30mm

Handpiece LP 810: 13X30mm

Handpiece LP 1064: 13X30mm